About Us
  • iSaaS Technology provides software and services to help you regain control of medico-legal and rehabilitation operations throughout the insurance and personal injury claims process. 
    We believe that the medico-legal process can be greatly enhanced and controlled by the deployment of cloud-based technologies, enabling you to benefit from our sophisticated workflow and business process systems, replacing manual processes and providing you with access to accredited, independent expert witnesses.

    Our absolute focus is on delivering tangible business benefits to our customers and their clients.  We know we can bring our clients significant gains both in terms of process control and integration, as well as by adding substantially to our clients' bottom lines.

    iSaaS Technology's solutions hinge upon delivering two core services:

    • Effective, managed business solution networks derived from unrivalled domain knowledge and experience; and
    • 'Always on' Cloud-based systems and storage delivered from our managed ISO 27001 data centres in Manchester, UK.


    Our clients include law firms, medical agencies, rehabilitation treatment providers, doctors, insurance companies and brokers.