Simple, intuitive and effective reporting for doctors speeds up the process

ePIsource Legal

ePIsource Legal is our signature product and the hub of the ePIsource business platform. ePIsource brings everything together in one place, accessed over the web and delivered from our secure ISO 27001-accredited datacentres.

With ePIsource Legal, the entire triage, medical assessment and rehabilitation process can be administered from a single intuitive, graphical user interface. We provide access to over 1,000 experts and treatment providers, nationwide.

Our model gives you control of the medico-legal process to improve your customer experience, your processes and your margins. It integrates seamlessly with all leading legal Case Management Systems.

This revenue-generative model complies with Part 2 of LASPO and is recommended by an ever-increasing number of leading professional practices.

System Benefits
  • Complete web-enabled MRO Case Management Solution
  • Compliant with LASPO Act 2012 (incl. Part 2)
  • Regulatory compliant model for Solicitors
  • Gain greater control over the medico-legal process
  • Enhance client service
  • Preserve and enhance revenues from the medical process
  • Secure web services integration with Proclaim & Visualfiles
  • Cloud-based solution means low IT learning curve
  • Accessed securely over the web from our secure data centres
  • Complete training and class-leading support
  • Proven retention tool that consolidates client relationships